Friday Championships rescheduled/other important information

Hi All,

So the 13/over meet tonight has been rescheduled for Saturday after 12/under.  At the meet tonight (before we were sent home), they required three Brookside timers on a lane, for the whole meet.  So, I would like to reschedule timing duties for both sessions, so that no one works too long.  I am assuming everyone is still coming to both meets, however, with the change, if this affects you and your family, please let Courtney and I know immediately, so we can make changes on each of our ends.  Make sure to read Coach Courtney's new email detailing all updated information.  Please be sure to sign in with me tomorrow, and to be on time for your timing shift.  Below is the breakdown:

Timers for Sat. 12/under:  There are 40 events, three people for every 10 events.   

Events #29-38 Scaturro, Mason, Leiby

#39-48 Simpson, Askelson, Compton

#49-58 Deutchman, Gluck,Vatapalil

#59-68 Puthli, Grosso, Poselek

If needed-Blalock, Babst, Lyons

Timers for Sat. 13/over: There are 28 events- three people for every nine events.

Events #1-9 Pacitti, Toth, Benowitz

#10-18 Clarke, Frenick, Kappes

#19-28 Hellerich, Tighelaar, Talerico 

If needed-Rasimowicz, Selesky, Siglam

A BIG thank you all for your patience and understanding.  Parents from tonight, thank you to all those who offered to time when we thought we had a meet, it meant so much!  

Now, let's have a great meet weekend-tomorrow!


Amy Ryan

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