Information for Tomorrow's 2020 Swim Team Send Off

Dear Swim Team Families,

Tomorrow's Send Off starts at 9am.  Immediate family only, just parents, siblings, and stepparents are allowed in.  When you enter the gates, swimmers will have their temps taken and recorded, and then families should walk up through the back of the pavillion, where we will have breakfast platters waiting.  Please look for your family's name on the wrapping, take your platter, and head to the tables behind the pool.    

Your family needs to sit together, no sharing tables please.  Remember to bring your own tablecloth and drinks/cups.  We will have some water and juice boxes available.  When you leave, please clean up your area and bring your table number through the exit window so staff will be able to further clean.  We must end by 11, so that they can get the club ready for the day, so please exit promptly.

Our guidelines for being at the club remain the same, please reread them if you need to, they are attached below.  Any questions, please reach out to me.

Our swimmers have done a fantastic job in a quick, not so typical season.  I can't wait to celebrate them with all of you tomorrow.  See you then!


Amy Ryan

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