Awards in Brookside Office

Good Afternoon Everyone!
I hope you are having a relaxing August! I just got back from vacation and retrieved the rest of the awards from the season. Everyone has at least 1 item in the office to be picked up from the season. Please be sure to get your awards/ribbons/t-shirts in the Brookside Office by August 31st!

The following people have Team Awards/Shirts in the office:

P. Blalock

R. Borsuk

G. Clark

J. Creegan

C. Eastep

B. Ellmyer

C. Gluck

S. Guadagnino

Kaitlin Hall

K. Kuziemski

M. Livingston

B. Lockey

M. Modzelewski

H. & M. Roesener

E. & K. Ryan

G. Socio

C. Talerico

V. Tramontana

G. Zazzarino

The following people have Paper Plate Awards in the office:

I. Abraham

C. Eastep

C. Gluck

The following people have Corona Classic Meet Shirts in the office:






The following people have Record Trophies in the office:

P. Blalock

J. Guadagnino

B. Lockey

H. Roesener

EVERYONE has a bag of ribbons to be picked up in the office from the entire season. For the Cross Country Meet, ribbons were given for 1st-12th place from the differing teams. Ahi Swim Team did participation ribbons for all swimmers. Additionally, Oakwood Swim Team did a participation ribbon for swimmers ONLY if they did not get a place ribbon from them. For Dual Meets, ribbons were given for 1st-3rd place for each meet. Finally, Corona Classic Ribbons were for 1st-6th place individually, and 1st-3rd place for relays. Please be sure that you get all of your belongings when you pick your stuff up! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you again for an amazing season! I am working on the slideshow for the season and if you have any pictures or videos that you would like to send me of your child, siblings, families, or friends/teammates (friends pictures must be social distanced), please shoot them over to me via email by Friday Aug. 21.

Have a great rest of your summer and we look forward to seeing you back in 2021!

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